The design process is different for every client and we always tailor our service to your precise requirements. But as a taster, here are the nine steps often involved in any product design project.

⦁ Market research
We’ll conduct research to check what products are already out there. Then we’ll identify how you can create something better by filling a gap in the market or seizing a new opportunity.

⦁ Design briefing and specification
Working closely with you, we’ll nail down the design brief and specification.

⦁ Concept generation
An exciting stage in the process, we’ll generate ideas that address the customer needs, explore different options and create a final concept for development.

⦁ Visualisation and prototyping
We use a range of different tools and techniques to give you a clear idea of how your final product could look and function. These tools include modelling, 3D CAD, visualisations, animation and prototyping. It’s a great way to test and refine your product before moving to the next stage.

⦁ Simulation
Using various simulation techniques, we’ll determine how your product will react under a range of different conditions.

⦁ User testing
We’ll conduct user testing at various points in the design process to check the product will meet the needs of the customer, giving you chance to react to feedback.

⦁ Preparing for production
Before the manufacturing stage begins, we’ll check every detail is ready to ensure your product is successful. This stage allows you to fine-tune the details such as material, texture, colour and finish.

⦁ Manufacturing documentation
We’ll provide all the documentation the manufacturers will need to produce your product to the correct specifications.
⦁ IP and marketing

Our service doesn’t stop once your product is ready to hit the shelves. We’re also here with ongoing support, helping with IP and marketing to ensure the best possible launch for your new product.

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