LMAX Actuator for The Electric Actuator Company.

Quantum helps to keep design and manufacturing all-British on the latest LMAX Actuator for The Electric Actuator Company.
The company have been manufacturing Electric Actuators for over 60 years, keeping all their manufacturing in-house and have a reputation as one of the best in the world. After consulting with Quantum PD, they are currently going through a complete update program across their entire range. The remit was to continue with the high quality their customers expected but also to refine and bring their designs up to date with new standards of strength, reliability and efficiency. This includes the addition of new motors and gearboxes plus new provisions for fully automated control as well as a streamlined manufacturing process to standardise machining with modular common parts. www.electricactuator.co.uk

Shown is the latest LMAX20-300 Stroke.

Electric Actuator


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